• Rock Climbing in Southwest Idaho

    Famous crags and hidden gems — Southwest Idaho has everything a climber could want and more. We’ll give you the lowdown so you can climb high.

    (Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism)

  • Snowmobiling in Southwest Idaho

    If you’re looking for fun in the snow, the mountains in Southwest Idaho deliver the ultimate winter adventure.

  • Boise Greenbelt Map

    Explore over 850 acres of parks and natural areas along the Boise river. At any time of year, grab your bike or walk any or all of the over 20 beautiful miles of the Boise Greenbelt.


  • Culture and History

    The land that is present-day Southwest Idaho was once inhabited by Indigenous Peoples and the tribes of the Great Basin. Descendants of the Western Shoshone and the Northern Paiute occupy the Duck Valley Indian Reservation today, located on the border of Idaho and Nevada.

  • Food and Drink

    Southwest Idaho is a destination for food and beverage writers — especially those with an interest in local food communities, family-run farms and hand-crafted beverages. The Southwest corner lives up to Idaho’s agriculture acclaim, with an abundant water supply from the Snake River, ancient volcanic soil, semi-arid climate, and position along the 45th parallel. Our region has ideal conditions for growing grapes, hops, barley, apples, and more.

  • Lake, Rivers, and Hot Springs

    Meridian is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. With theme parks, shopping plazas, and a growing culinary scene, this town has grown to be a must-see place to visit.

    (Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism)

  • Meridian Guide: The Biggest Small Town

    Meridian is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. With theme parks, shopping plazas, and a growing culinary scene, this town has grown to be a must-see place to visit.

    (Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism)

  • Only in Southwest Idaho

    Besides great weather, beautiful views, and friendly people, there are a handful of experiences unique to Southwest Idaho that keep people coming back for more.

  • Outdoor Adventures

    ]Some of the nation’s last wild places are in Southwest Idaho. Writers and photographers with a focus on nature, travel, outdoor recreation, and accessible adventure will find options for beginners to hard-core adrenaline junkies. Get in touch with Visit Southwest Idaho for detailed recommendations and custom itineraries.

  • Seasonal Activities in Southwest Idaho

    From storybook-worthy winter activities to warm weather hikes and rides, you could pack your calendar full of seasonal adventures throughout Southwest Idaho.

  • State Parks and Scenic Areas

    When you need a destination with stunning scenery, open spaces, and National park-worthy recreation, look to Southwest Idaho.

  • Snow Guide: The Hottest Cold Spots in SW Idaho

    SW Idaho is all about getting out and exploring, and that doesn’t stop when it snows. From warm springs to awesome downhill thrills, Southwest Idaho has a snow adventure for you. No more hibernating — let’s go explore what Southwest Idaho has to offer!

  • Travel Guide: Boise Like a Local

    Mountain views, endless access to trails, a thriving culinary scene...there are so many reasons why people are falling in love with Boise. We’re spilling a few secrets on things to do in Boise to act like (or at least look like) a native.

    (Photo Credit: Christian Nafzger )

  • SW Idaho Tourist Attractions: Deserts, Mountains & Everything In Between

    There are very few places where you can start your day cross-country skiing in the mountains and end it stargazing in the desert. Here in Southwest Idaho, you can do that… and much more. From deserts to mountains and everything in between, here are the places you can’t miss.

  • Hot Springs: Steamy Mountain Getaways

    With 130 soakable hot springs, Idaho has the largest number of soakable hot springs to explore. From hidden pools to luxury resorts, we’ve put together a guide to our favorite hot springs in Southwest Idaho.

    (Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism)

  • Summer Road Trips: Hwy 55 Guide

    HWY 55 is the essential Idaho road trip that takes you from sandy deserts to rugged mountains. Hit the trails, explore Idaho wine country and take in the views along the way. Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path!

  • Travel Guide: SUP in Southwest Idaho

    There’s no other way to say it: stand up paddle boarding, also known as SUP, is hot. And Southwest Idaho is the West’s epicenter for SUP adventures. Here, you can paddle rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, and even SUP-friendly waves and obstacle courses.

  • The Ultimate Recharge: Where to Float in Southwest Idaho

    You won’t find a more relaxing way to take in the beauty of Southwest Idaho than a river float. Relax in an inner tube or raft, blissfully adrift and without a care in the world.

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