Road Trips

Get out and go. Southwest Idaho’s scenic byways (both official and unofficial) make for unforgettable road trips. Most Southwest Idaho road trips can be comfortably completed in a day or easily extended to a multi-day tour.

  • Ultimate SW Idaho Summer Road Trip

    Ultimate SW Idaho Summer Road Trip

    We’ve put together the ultimate 10-day summer road trip through the most awe-inspiring and action-packed places in Southwest Idaho.

  • HWY 55 Guide

    HWY 55 Guide

    Hwy 55 — the essential Idaho road trip that takes you from sandy desert to green mountain views.

  • HWY 95 Guide

    HWY 95 Guide

    Stretching from the Owyhee mountains to the depths of Hells Canyon, Hwy 95 takes you through some of the most picturesque places in Southwest Idaho.


Spring, summer, and fall are the classic road trip seasons, though sunny winter days — assuming road conditions are safe — can provide unparalleled snowy views.

Accommodations, Activities & More

Jug Mountain Ranch

Jug Mountain Ranch

Jug Mountain Ranch is a 1,410-acre private residential community set beneath Jughandle Mountain’s rugged 8,310-foot peak. Roughly 75% of the Ranch (1,000 acres) has been set aside for preserved open space and a championship golf course.

Creekside Campground & Event Center

Creekside Campground & Event Center

This private campground is tucked away in the Boise National Forest along highway 21, just a 45 minute drive north of Boise.