Historic Sites

Idaho’s wilderness is dotted with reminders of its storied history. Explore everything from indigenous monuments to Oregon Trail landmarks and ghost towns to abandoned mines.

  • Experience the Oregon Trail

    Experience the Oregon Trail

    Back in the 1800s, Boise was an important stop along the Oregon Trail. It was the only trade post for miles, and many died just trying to get here.

  • Nampa’s Warhawk Air Museum

    Nampa's Warhawk Air Museum

    The Warhawk Air Museum takes visitors of all ages on a personal journey through flight.

  • Boise’s Basque Block

    Boise’s Basque Block

    Explore the hub of Basque food and culture outside of Europe.

  • 6 Wide-Open Spaces

    6 Wide-Open Spaces

    When the urge to shut off your phone, pack up the car, and search for big skies becomes unbearable, Southwest Idaho will be waiting. There’s a haunting beauty to be discovered here.

  • Small Town Travels

    Small Town Travels

    Southwest Idaho’s full of hidden gems. Don’t miss out on these small towns. They’ve got big celebrations — and big fun.

  • Hells Canyon Rafting Adventure

    Hells Canyon Rafting Adventure

    Visiting Hells Canyons means exploring the deepest river gorge in North America and experiencing some of the best whitewater in the nation.


Most historic sites are easily accessible year-round. Some may be more challenging to get to in the winter months. Check conditions before heading out.

Accommodations, Activities & More

Warhawk Air Museum

Warhawk Air Museum

The NASA Space Center and Warhawk Air Museum education center is designed to ignite an appreciation for country, history, space, and aviation.

Creekside Campground & Event Center

Creekside Campground & Event Center

This private campground is tucked away in the Boise National Forest along highway 21, just a 45 minute drive north of Boise.

James Castle House

James Castle House

The James Castle House is a historic site and museum serving as a testimony to the legacy of self-taught Idaho artist James Castle.