Anglers the world over visit Southwest Idaho in search of a trophy catch. Trout, bass, and salmon abound in our thousands of miles of streams and rivers and hundreds of natural lakes. Whether you’re seasoned or just starting out, you’ll be hooked fast.

  • Fishing Southwest Idaho

    Fishing Southwest Idaho

    Pristine waters. Casting into a cool mountain creek. Angling is the perfect way to disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with the great outdoors.

  • 11 Fishing Holes in Southwest Idaho

    11 Fishing Holes in Southwest Idaho

    All you can hear is the sound of the river, the wind and the birds as you cast a line into the clear water.

  • Unforgettable Fishing Float Trips

    Unforgettable Fishing Float Trips

    If you’re hooked on finding that next great drift boat or raft fishing experience, look no further than these adventures.


Fishing in Idaho can be done year-round, though certain species’ seasons may be limited to specific months. Remember to check local regulations before you head out.

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Inn at 500

Inn at 500

Inn at 500 Capitol offers a luxurious stay in a unique, downtown Boise hotel where modern accommodations, delightful attention to detail, and unmatched service unite.

North Shore Lodge & Resort

North Shore Lodge & Resort

North Shore Lodge is located on the shores of beautiful Warm Lake where nature awaits to guide you to your next adventure — just 26 miles east of Cascade, near Trail Creek hot springs and just a quick detour on the way to McCall.