Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce

Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce

Garden Valley is nestled along Idaho State Highway 17, which is a National Scenic Byway. Designated the “Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway“, it hosts exceptional wildlife viewing, hot springs and picturesque mountain scenery.

This beautiful Idaho road winds through a country so striking that it has achieved this special status. It passes through breathtaking scenery, historic places, and intriguing landscapes. It offers incomparable glimpses of wilderness, yet is easily and safely traveled.

The wild and turbulent South Fork of the Payette River crashes through the deep river canyons along the scenic byway, and creates unforgettable opportunities for rafters, and kayakers alike. There is also abundant wildlife along the way. Soaring eagles, as well as, chukkers, wild turkeys, ospreys, cougars, bears and wolves frequent the valley. Herds of elk, nearly one hundred strong, can be seen in their winter range at the Danskin Station river access.

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