Hotel 43

Hotel 43

Hotel 43 prides itself in being unique among Boise hotels. This is apparent not only through our boutique appeal, but also our name. The number 43 signifies several things important to Idaho, the Boise metropolitan area, and our hotel.

Like the prime number that is our namesake, we are one of a kind. No other hotel in Idaho offers the atmosphere and appeal that ours does. As Idaho’s premier boutique hotel, we seek to give every guest a one of a kind experience worth remembering.

The Boise metropolitan area lies on the 43rd parallel. This signifies the importance that the area has for the hotel and our guests. Downtown Boise offers some of the trendiest nightspots as well as art galleries, coffee shops and a vast array of other activities. With numerous parks and a scenic greenbelt along the Boise River nearby, our city is family friendly and filled with adventure.

Finally, Idaho became the 43rd state in 1890 and for this reason, we chose to pay respect to our state through our name. Idaho is widely known for some of the most beautiful wilderness in the country. Within just a short drive of our hotel there are natural wonders to explore, mountains to be conquered and trails to be hiked. We encourage you to go out and experience what Idaho’s vast wilderness and outdoors have to offer.

No matter what you enjoy, Boise has what you desire. Let Hotel 43, its staff, and Idaho inspire you to do something unique, different, and better than you could imagine.

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