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  • Day Trip Food Spots

    What takes a day trip from good to great? Finding that local hidden gem with the best huckleberry pie you’ve ever tasted. Or tacos. Or fresh-caught trout. Some of the best eats in Idaho are tucked away off the beaten path. Time to make this day trip unforgettable.

  • Small Town Travels

    Southwest Idaho’s full of hidden gems. Don’t miss out on these small towns. They’ve got big celebrations — and big fun.

  • 6 Climbing Spots In Southwest Idaho

    Famous crags and hidden gems — Southwest Idaho has everything a climber could want and more. We’ll give you the lowdown so you can climb high.

  • Fishing Southwest Idaho

    Angling is the perfect way to disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with the great outdoors.
    And Southwest Idaho is the perfect place to do it.

  • Eco-Friendly Travel Ideas In Southwest Idaho

    Tourism can be a huge benefit to the local economy, but it can also leave negative impacts on the environment. We’re here with tips & tricks for green travel in Southwest Idaho — so you can focus on fun instead of your footprint.

  • Traveling With Your Dog in Southwest Idaho

    Traveling can be tough when you’ve got a furry friend along. That’s why we did the hard work and put together a list of the best dog-friendly spots in Southwest Idaho.

  • Three Mountains in Three Days

    With three ski mountains within two and a half hours of each other, Southwest Idaho gives you the freedom to explore and play to your heart’s content.

  • Wild Times in the Sawtooth Mountains

    Rising up more than 10,000 ft., the Sawtooth’s jagged peaks give this range both its name and its jaw-dropping views. People all over the world visit the Sawtooth National Forest for its iconic camping and hiking.

  • Social Distancing in Southwest Idaho

    Our guide will give you the details on our favorite Southwest Idaho lakes and reservoirs in the region, from safety tips to docking details and more.

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