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Pickleball in Boise — and Beyond

Pickleball in Boise — and Beyond

Pack your paddle or rent one when you get here because Southwest Idaho is one of the hottest pickleball destinations.

Pickleball is often described as a mix between tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Players use paddles to volley a rigid ball over a low net on a court that's about 40% smaller than a tennis court.

Where to Play

But that’s just the technical definition. As any pickleball player will tell you, it can also be quite addictive.

It’s easy to see why. Pickleball is less strenuous, more social, and easier to learn than tennis — which explains its skyrocketing popularity in Southwest Idaho and beyond.

Good news: if you’re an avid pickleballer or are just looking to try it out, pickleball is thriving in Boise, Meridian, and several other parts of Southwest Idaho. And this is your guide to pickleball in Boise and the surrounding area.

Where to stay near the court

Rest Your Body

One court just simply won't be enough. Find a place to stay around the pickleball courts you'd like to try. Whether you're road tripping or renting a car, extend your fun with these unique accommodations.

Find Accommodations

Getting Started

Pickleball is a game for everyone! If you’re just getting started, many groups in Southwest Idaho, including the Boise Pickleball Club and Canyon County Pickleball Club, offer special new player clinics to introduce you to the sport. No matter where you’re from, these groups have an open door policy. If you’ve never played before, look into lessons at The Flying Pickle, Treasure Valley YMCA or The River Club.

The Basics

Long-time players say these are some of the fundamentals to keep in mind as you dive into pickleball life…

Know the Rules: Learn the game’s basics, from scoring to serving.

Get the Gear: Invest in a solid paddle and some balls. Quality matters.

Nail the Shots:

• Dinks: Master soft, net-hugging shots.

• Groundstrokes: Perfect your forehand and backhand swings.

• Serve: Serve diagonally with precision.

Position Power: Understand where to stand. Serving team at baseline, receiving team at the kitchen line.

Team Up: Play with experienced players for rapid improvement.

Net Presence: Be at the net when you can. Dominate the game up close.

Patience Pays: Take your time. Smart play beats rushed shots.

Stay Safe: Protect yourself with proper gear and hydration.

Have Fun: Remember, pickleball is about having a blast. Smile, socialize, and smash that ball!

Where to Play

With our mild climate and active lifestyle, Southwest Idaho is quickly becoming a pickleball destination. Check out these popular courts on your next visit. For indoor facilities especially, it’s smart to call ahead to check availability and hours.

Indoor Courts

Photo Credit: The Flying Pickle in Meridian


S2 Pickleball
3615 S. Federal Way | website

9 courts in a brand new facility. They even have reflective paint for the occasional glow-in-the-dark game. Open play,  group reservations, clinics, private events, and drop-in play are all available.

Fort Boise Community Center
700 N Robbins Rd | website

3 indoor wood courts with permanent lines & portable nets. Small fee required. Reservations available.

Treasure Valley YMCA

Plenty of opportunities to play at several different facilities. Contact the specific location for details. Membership required, but guest passes are available.


Eagle Tennis Club
1650 E Riverside Dr | website

12 indoor asphalt courts with permanent lines & portable nets. There is a well-stocked pro shop at the facility, as well as locker rooms and other club benefits. This is a private club, but guest passes and clinics are available.


The Flying Pickle
1135 N Hickory Ave, Ste 110| website

Holy dropshots, Batman! This place is incredible. The Treasure Valley’s first pickleball-only facility, The Flying Pickle was designed and created by professional pickleballers Susannah Barr and Nick Petterson. Memberships and guest passes for travelers available.

Meridian Homecourt
936 W. Taylor Ave | website

A modern indoor community center featuring 14 indoor wood courts. Memberships and day passes available.


Harward Recreation Center
131 Constitution Way | website

“Pick-up” style play 7 days/week. Really nice facilities.

Mettle Sports Nampa
3020 E Badger Dr | website

Wow! Fabulous private indoor sports facility featuring 12 indoor courts with wood surface. Permanent lines & portable nets. Day passes and memberships available. Pickleball is open at specific hours. Contact for details.

Mountain Home

Recreation Activity Center
440 E 8th N | website

2 indoor courts in a comfortable setting. Permanent lines, but generally BYON (bring your own net). Contact for details. Free.

With so many courts to choose from, make a four-day “weekend” out of it!


Outdoor Courts

Pickleball at Midway Park in Nampa


Catalpa Park
4516 W Catalpa Dr | website

2 outdoor hard courts overlaid on a tennis court with permanent tennis nets. Lovely neighborhood park. Free.

Hobble Creek Park
6050 N Park Meadow Way | website

A beautiful and well maintained complex of 12 outdoor pickleball courts in a 21-acre park. Reservations may be required at certain times of year. Small fee for Boise residents; slightly more for non-residents.

Quarry View Park
2150 Old Penitentiary Rd

2 Outdoor courts with permanent lines/nets. Can reserve courts or a covered shelter. Open sunrise – sunset. Free.


Settlers Park
3245 N Meridian Rd | website

9 outdoor hard surface courts in the heart of Meridian. Free to play & wheelchair accessible.


Midway Park
14309 Midway Rd | website

Six championship-quality pickleball courts. Open during daylight hours. Not lighted. Free. Keep an eye out for 6 more pickleball courts in Nampa. They’ll be at Orah Brandt Park this summer!


Luby Park
1200 N Illinois Ave | website

8 outdoor hard surface courts. Permanent lines/nets. There’s even a beautiful rose garden nearby! Free.

Roberts Recreation Center
504 Grant St | website

6 outdoor hard courts. Permanent lines & bring your own nets (BYON). Free.


Middleton Middle School Tennis Courts
113 W Main St

2 outdoor courts on courts known for something called “tennis.” Permanent lines & tennis nets. Lighted. Free.

Mountain Home

Richard Aguirre Park
990 McKenna Dr | website

A single outdoor hard court. Permanent lines/net. Free.


Tamarack Falls Rd | website

4 outdoor courts with asphalt surface in a beautiful mountain resort setting.
Fee is required for play.

Do you want help finding your closest court on your visit? Please contact us. Remember: please double-check with court operators to ensure hours, fees, and other details are still correct.

Happy volleying!

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