Family Runs Through It

Cascade Raft & Kayak

Cascade Raft & Kayak

Cascade Raft & Kayak has been in the business of fun for three decades. All of it interwoven with the Long family who, for three generations now, has learned every ripple and meander of the Payette River.

These days, the operation runs like a perfectly-oiled machine, with hundreds of guests experiencing the beautiful Payette under the supervision of an expert guide each week. Wild whitewater, calming float or a little bit of both — the level of thrill can be customized depending on the trip.

Cascade Raft & Kayak Storefront

Afterwords, rafters peruse the photos of family or friends, eyes wide as they paddle through a rapid. Then wrap it up by taming that ample hunger with a sandwich and a microbrew or soda at the Cascade bistro overlooking the river.

All in all, a perfect day nearly every day.




But Debbie Long, the matriarch of the business and family, remembers scrappier days.

She and Tom, her husband, met as kids, just 11 and 12. They spent time riding horses together in the foothills of Pasadena, California. Eventually, the friendship became something more. They became high school sweethearts, married, and started a family.

We have the real bonus in that what we do is really, really fun. People are excited to be here. Even on the days when you start with less energy, you remember, ‘We’re going rafting. This is awesome.’
– Kenneth Long

The couple made their living operating three restaurants in Sacramento. It was a good living, but wasn’t quite giving them the life they wanted.

“We had a thriving business in California, but we didn’t have any time for life,” Debbie says. “The boys were into competitive kayaking. My husband is one of those visionary guys, and he thought Idaho was the place for us. It was a total roll of the dice.”

So in 1991, they packed their bags and move to Garden Valley to try their hand at river guiding.

Do It Yourself Business

A few years later, the Longs moved the business from Garden Valley to a riverfront plot of land near Horseshoe Bend. Their son, Kenneth Long, who was a teenager then, now general manager, says the family built up the business with a few rafts and little else.

“We started on a gravel bar on the side of the river with hardly anything there,” he says. “There was lots of labor, lots of digging holes. But we also had tons of time on the river.”

These days, guided raft trips are a staple of many Idaho rivers. But in the 1990s, tourists hadn’t yet discovered Idaho’s natural splendor. Few outfitters operated in the state back then, and the Longs were the first in their region, just as they later opened the first kayaking school.

Times were lean at first. Debbie remembers feeding the kids Stinker hot dogs from the gas station — three for $1 — one summer when the family was just scraping by. But the family kept building its headquarters and slowly expanding the business.

Cascade's first roadside stand in the early 90s.

“We started with a hammer, saw and nails,” Debbie said. “We’d put rocks in a circle, add soil and water, and that would be a flower bed. We’d build a deck, add a barbeque, and that’s how we started catering. Each year, we’d do a little more, and 90 percent of it we did ourselves.”

With half and full-day float options, as well as varying degrees of whitewater intensity available, Cascade has the floating experience for every level of adventure.

All in the Family

The three boys, Kenneth, Chad and Tren, each started as guides at 18 before later taking responsibility for various aspects of the business. Their wives — Anna, Krista and Lindzie — each brought their own enthusiasm for the river and professional skill sets to the company.

Kenneth says the family enjoys the river and the sunshine as much as their guests.

Today, guests get the tried and true experience that has been developed and perfected since 1991.

“We have the real bonus in that what we do is really, really fun,” he says. “People are excited to be here. Even on the days when you start with less energy, you remember, ‘We’re going rafting. This is awesome.’ ”

Debbie Long is pleased to see the third generation get involved in the family business. Her three sons have children, including several teenagers who work with the rest of the team.

Kyler Long, 13, will spend the summer following people around, observing how they do their jobs. He plans to follow in the paddle strokes of his dad, Chad Long, his uncles and several older cousins and become a trained kayak guide in several years. Kyler hasn’t thought too much about his future beyond school at Cole Valley, but he says he can easily see himself and his cousins one day taking the reins.

Some of his friends get more free time in the summer, but he’s happy to be on the river with his family.


Experiencing whitewater isn’t just for grown-ups. Kids can have a fun and safe time on the water, too!

“What I do for fun is kayaking, and what I do in the summer is kayaking. So, yeah, I get to do what I love,” Kyler says.

Debbie and Tom Long both say they aren’t pressuring the kids, but they hope the third generation keeps the Longs at Cascade for years to come. Debbie says she knows plenty of kids in rural Idaho need to spread their wings and see more of the world. But often they return with a greater appreciation for the places that raised them. One way or another, she hopes the Longs will always be on the Payette.

“Right now, the rest of the world is really, really crazy,” she says. “There might be more incentive today for staying in beautiful Idaho. It’s the greatest. That’s all there is to it.”

Locals Tip
Book early! Cascade’s weekend trips are booked at nearly 100 percent during peak season, and about 75 percent full during the rest of the week.

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