• Smiths Ferry

    An hour north of Boise, the canyon widens and the river relaxes. Sandbar islands host ducks, geese, and eagles. Cabins peak through the forest canopy, smoke curling up from their chimneys.

  • Hotel McCall

    What if you want the comfort and privacy of a hotel room, but the authenticity of room sharing? Locally-owned Hotel McCall, founded in 1897, is the answer. It is designed and managed in a way that invites exploration and an authentic experience of McCall.

  • Jughandle Mountain

    Hiking in the cool, pine-scented mountain air and sunshine has a certain magic that refreshes the soul, and Jughandle Mountain is just the place to find that rejuvenation.

  • Nampa’s Warhawk Air Museum

    The Warhawk Air Museum takes visitors of all ages on a personal journey through flight.

  • Treefort Puppet-Tree

    In an aging warehouse about a mile west of where Treefort Music Fest will be held in Boise, ID, a giant peacock takes shape.

  • hwy 55 travel guide ideas

    HWY 55 Guide

    Embark on the quintessential Idaho adventure road trip along Hwy 55 — a fun drive you shouldn’t pass up!

  • Brundage Mountain Biking

    Whether you’re into thrillin’ or chillin’, Brundage has a mountain bike adventure that fits.

  • Boise’s Basque Block

    Explore the hub of Basque food and culture outside of Europe.

  • Whitewater Guide

    Famous whitewater for big time adventure, and big time fun! No experience needed to create a completely unforgettable experience.

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