• 6 Southwest Idaho RV Trips

    RVing is the best way to stay in the wildest places in Southwest Idaho.

  • How to do Jaialdi

    Jaialdi — a huge neighborhood block party where tens of thousands of people from around the world gather together for Basque food, sports, dancing and nonstop fun.

  • Off-Roading Guide

    From the Payette National Forest to the Owyhee wilderness, Southwest Idaho has one of the largest OHV (off-highway vehicle) trail networks in the Northwest.

  • 5 Things to Know about Southwest Idaho

    Rugged mountains, untouched deserts, vibrant cities, wild rivers…It’s hard to know where to start when planning your next trip.

  • Places to Stay in SW Idaho

    Get Away for a While

    Where you stay during your travels should add to the adventure — not take you away from it.

  • 7 SW Idaho Coffee Shops

    In Southwest Idaho, you’ll find eclectic coffee shops full of local flavor. In small mountain towns, you’ll meet long-time roasters with a crowd of regulars and a cozy atmosphere.

  • Things to Do at Tamarack

    At Tamarack, every season brings new adventures to experience — and we’ve put together the ultimate guide to make the most of it.

  • A 4-Day Winter Visit to McCall

    Welcome to McCall, Southwest Idaho’s winter wonderland. Here, the adventures don’t stop when winter hits, so we’ve put together a 3-day weekend full of skiing, snowmobiling, hot springs and more.

  • 6 Reasons to Visit Treefort

    With 400+ bands and 50+ venues, Treefort still remains a festival that’s “cool, but doesn’t know it’s cool.”

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